Urban Initiative

Our commitment to the Science Olympiad community goes beyond just running a tournament each year. We are proud to have been invited to the Science Olympiad Philadelphia Urban Initiative, where we introduce Science Olympiad concepts to students from underserved backgrounds. Urban Initiative is a science outreach program supported by Science Olympiad at the University of Pennsylvania. We work with a team of ~20 Penn undergraduate volunteers to provide science mentorship, tutoring, and resources to students from underfunded high schools in Philadelphia. In doing so, we aim to support SciOly’s central mission of increasing scientific literacy and interest in STEM as a course of study and potential future career. Volunteering with urban initiative is a great way to serve the community and let your passion for science shine. We have partnered with Moelis Access Science Program to volunteer at Hamilton Middle School and Mitchell Middle School in West Philadelphia. Our members visit the schools weekly to work with the students, guiding them through material and helping them to tackle challenging concepts. Along the way, we hope to give our students the confidence to consider STEM as a part of their future.