Executive Board

A photo of Savan Patel

Name: Savan Patel
Position: President/Tournament Director

A photo of Jackson Powell

Name: Jackson Powell
Position: VP Finance

A photo of Jacqueline Chan

Name: Jacqueline Chan
Position: VP Operations

A photo of Shivani Nellore

Name: Shivani Nellore
Position: VP Communications

A photo of Yi-An Hsieh

Name: Yi-An Hsieh
Position: VP Marketing, Social Chair

A photo of Christina Kim

Name: Christina Kim
Position: Urban Initiative Chair

A photo of Brain Lee

Name: Brain Lee
Position: Urban Initiative Chair

A photo of Zachary Stotz

Name: Zachary Stotz
Position: Biology Director

A photo of David Lang

Name: David Lang
Position: Chemistry Director

A photo of Belinda Xi

Name: Belinda Xi
Position: Technology Director

Committee Members

Not Pictured