2023-2024 Executive Board (Eighth Invitational)

A photo of Aurora Yuan
Favorite Soup:

Aurora Yuan
Co-President/Tournament Director

A photo of Teodora Dragic
Year: Junior (2025)
Studies: Health & Societies
Favorite Soup: French Onion

Teodora Dragic
Co-President/Tournament Director

A photo of Tyler Turek
Year: Sophomore (2026)
Studies: Physics
Favorite Soup: Avgolemono

Tyler Turek
VP Finance

A photo of Arav Nangia
Year: Sophomore (2026)
Studies: Biochemistry
Favorite Soup: Tom Yum

Arav Nangia
VP Operations

A photo of Jacqueline Chan
Year: Senior (2024)
Studies: Medical Anthropology
Favorite Soup: Lobster Bisque

Jacqueline Chan
Social Chair

A photo of Seamus Wang
Year: Senior (2024)
Studies: Biology (Ecology and Evolution)
Favorite Soup: Maryland Cream of Crab

Seamus Wang
Technology Chair

A photo of Charis Gao
Year: Junior (2025)
Studies: Computer Science
Favorite Soup: Clam Chowder

Charis Gao
Tournament Volunteer Coordinator

A photo of Cynthia Dong
Year: Sophomore (2026)
Studies: Bioengineering
Favorite Soup: Tomato Bisque

Cynthia Dong
Urban Initiative Co-Coordinator

A photo of Joseph Dong
Year: Senior (2024)
Studies: Biochemistry, Biophysics
Favorite Soup: Signature CafeĀ® Loaded Baked Potato Soup with Bacon

Joseph Dong
Biology Director

A photo of Jimmy Bianchi
Year: Senior (2024)
Studies: Neuroscience
Favorite Soup: Italian Wedding

Jimmy Bianchi
Chemistry Director

A photo of Xiangyu Chen
Year: Junior (2025)
Studies: Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics
Favorite Soup: Tomato and Egg

Xiangyu Chen
Builds Director

A photo of Eric Tao
Favorite Soup:

Eric Tao
Earth and Space Science Director

A photo of Samuel Lee
Year: Senior (2024)
Studies: Computer Science
Favorite Soup: Beef Short Rib (Galbitang)

Samuel Lee
Nature of Science Director

Not Pictured

  • Rishi Patel - VP Marketing

  • Past Executive Boards

    2022-2023 (Seventh Invitational)

  • Jackson Powell - Co-President/Tournament Co-Director
  • Jacqueline Chan - Co-President/Tournament Co-Director
  • Aurora Yuan - VP Finance
  • Teodora Dragic - VP Operations
  • Shivani Nellore - VP Communications
  • Yi-An Hsieh - VP Marketing
  • Shobhit Prasad - Tournament Volunteer Coordinator, Urban Initiative Coordinator
  • Belinda Xi - Social Chair, Technology Chair
  • Savan Patel - Social Chair
  • Sarah Kane - Urban Initiative Coordinator
  • Joseph Dong - Biology Director
  • Xiangyu Chen - Builds Director
  • Charis Ma - Chemistry Director
  • Samuel Lee - Nature of Science Director

  • 2021-2022 (Sixth Invitational)

  • Savan Patel - President/Tournament Director
  • Jackson Powell - VP Finance
  • Jacqueline Chan - VP Operations
  • Shivani Nellore - VP Communications
  • Yi-An Hsieh - VP Marketing, Social Chair
  • Christina Kim - Urban Initiative Chair
  • Brain Lee - Urban Initiative Chair
  • Zachary Stotz - Biology Director
  • David Lang - Chemistry Director
  • Belinda Xi - Technology Director