• Registration will open in the fall. Teams will be allocated places in the tournament on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Science Olympiad at Penn reserves the right to close registration once 50 teams have been registered.
  • Payment must be received by October 31st for all teams. If we have not received payment by then, your spot will be taken by a team on the waitlist.
  • Teams who withdraw from the tournament before November 1 will be refunded their tournament fees. After this deadline, teams will not receive a refund upon withdrawing.
  • Registration fees will be announced in the fall under the Payment tab.

The Competition

  • As the COVID-19 situation is still evolving, we are working closely with members of our community to develop a tournament that is both safe and intellectually stimulating for our participants. While our tournament length and format are to be determined, we are committed to following the models proposed by the National Science Olympiad.
  • The Penn Invitational is a Division C Tournament. All national events will be run in accordance with the National Science Olympiad rules and with clarifications found here.
  • Teams are expected to follow general National Science Olympiad rules and policies, including the Science Olympiad Code of Ethics and the Science Olympiad Building Policy
  • Scoring of the Penn Invitational will be in accordance with the National Science Olympiad Scoring Policy. All scoring decisions will be made final at the conclusion of the awards ceremony.