Update on 12/14/2021: SOUP Tournament format and registration information

Update on 1/26/22: SOUP Tournament format and information document

Update on 1/29/22: Trajectory will no longer require Scilympiad to be used in the video.

Update on 2/3/22: Gravity vehicle clarfications regarding grooves/seams in track. Wright stuff clarifications regarding multipliers.

Update on 2/12/22: Experimental design will no longer be run in two separate timed sections.

Update on 2/15/22: Event block alterations; affected teams will be contacted.

Update on 2/23/22: Experimental Design and WIDI clarifications. Digital binders are disallowed for all events (except Ornithology).

Update on 9/23/23: Penn 8th Invitational date announced.

Update on 2/1/24: Penn 8th Invitational information document released.